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Dr. Francis Barnes

Superintendent, Palisades School District

"Jon Thomas and I had the opportunity to work together on a project when I was with the Huntington Area (PA) School District, and his project management approach amazed me — his capacity for interactions with people as well as his ability to communicate clearly and effectively. In addition, he did a great deal to delimit the architectural garnishing that can quickly accumulate and drive up project costs. Furthermore, Jon upheld such high standards — you just don't forget someone like that."

"When I arrived at Palisades, the board had conducted background research with staff, parents, and community members and accepted the fact that the high school — which, excluding a new science wing, hadn't been touched since 1953 — required renovation. They were about to hire an architect."

"I had already learned that hiring a construction manager after an architect can prevent the construction manager from really demonstrating their full value. A construction manager can provide cost savings by influencing the design phase and governing the bidding process."

"Our board really liked the concept of construction management, because we certainly don't have the skills to refute whatever an architect proposes. When Jon arrived at his interview, he was very prepared and had done his homework on our project so he could specifically explain the skills and vision that he could provide for us."

"At our elementary school project, our first bid came in $800,000 over our projected costs. Jon worked with the architect to rebid the project and the new bids returned within $85,000 of our budgeted projection. In essence, a good construction management firm will pay its salary five-fold due to the savings realized."

"The staff at Thomas & Williamson is very organized, and they utilize technology and software to maximize the accuracy of their estimates, closely monitor project costs, and record effects of their decisions. In many instances, the architect will have errors that ultimately require a change order, and we, as lay people, not equipped to identify those issues before work begins. But the Thomas & Williamson staff is skilled at uncovering these problems. They build quality assurance measures into their projects, rather than trying to integrate them into the project, afterwards."

"We have an obligation to provide a cost-effective educational program for our students and our goal was to bring our antiquated facilities up to the 21st century standards — without breaking the backs of the taxpayers. The expertise of Thomas & Williamson was instrumental in that process."


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